One Main Objective to Invest Wisely with Reece Investments

Do one thing
& do it well

Reece Investment is a global growth equity investor which targets distinctive market-leading companies with the potential for expansion.

Find great companies
& make them better

We invest in sectors to tailor value creation that support long-term growth and partner with leading entrepreneurs to deliver long-term value.

Our Strategy
Core to our strategy is to identify and invest in well-positioned companies and partner with management teams to create growth through sustained revenue and earnings to help businesses with transformative potential and to help them scale globally.

We typically prefer situations where the management is willing to retain a meaningful equity stake in the business. We strongly believe that by establishing a structure in which both us and key management share a common ownership stake all are motivated to the same goals and success in achieving a superior return on investment.

Typical investments include management-led buyouts, family-owned businesses where the owner is seeking liquidity or retirement, or companies that require new capital for growth.

To learn more, read a letter from our Investment Director and CEO
Our Private Equity

We decided that after years of building a business into a multi-billion corporation that spans the world and employs thousands of people it was time to focus on helping other entrepreneurs to get to where we did.

Private equity has grown in popularity amongst long-term investors because returns to investors have consistently outperformed underlying public markets. As practiced by Reece Investment, private equity empowers management teams to make the changes needed to grow and improve their businesses without the pressure of quarterly earnings. We look for long-term value creation as our only goal.

Today we have two private equity platforms:

We formed Reece Investment in 2020 against what has been globally one of the worst years in history for businesses around the world. Reece Investment
is our personally funded equity platform focused on investment opportunities principally targeting investment opportunities in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Sometimes investment opportunities don’t meet our criteria or we feel too exposed and decide to pass. We have though over the years realised that some opportunities just need a different approach, hence why we decided to form In-Reece-Cap, a constantly growing syndicated fund with over 20 private investors and a pool of institutional investors who have all come together to jointly invest together with us.

What we do

We look to invest across industries in both established and growth-oriented businesses across the globe.

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We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, and global relationships can help drive transformation.

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Disciplined Due

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value.

We engage only in friendly transactions and seek to work with talented management teams to achieve positive results.

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We are constantly looking for situations where we are able to add value in a way that other investors don’t.

Investment Criteria
01. Investment Size
  • Equity investment £3 - £50 million;
  • Smaller tickets could be considered;
  • Typical investment horizon: 5-7 years;
  • Our exit strategy depends on market trends and opportunities.
02. Investee Requirements
  • Preference for private companies with strong growth potential;
  • International presence or potential to expand it;
  • Revenue typically between £1 and £100 million.
03. Transaction structure
  • Start-ups (selectively).
  • Primarily focused on equity transactions but will consider debt and other structured investments;
  • Minority positions considered;
  • Growth capital, acquisition financing and shareholder liquidity.
04. Business model
  • Business model with attractive economics;
  • Capacity to generate cash flow;
  • Growth or transformation potential;
  • Unique positioning in a market segment;
  • Strong competitive advantages;
  • Clear exit strategy.
05. Industries
  • Our investment approach is to always maintain a diversified portfolio. Rather than focusing on specific industries, we evaluate each opportunity based on its investment value. We are looking for investments in any industry that demonstrates growth and profit potential. We invest in both growing and mature markets.
  • We do not have a strict industry specialization, however, we believe that the most attractive are companies operating in industries such as consumer goods and services, business services, manufacturing, technology, chemical industry, health care, security and safety;
  • We do not invest in the military equipment sector, financial sector, real estate or alcohol industry.
06. Management team
  • We look for an outstanding team with a clear business vision;
  • We look to identify common values.
07. Investment geography
  • EMEA region;
  • North America;
  • Asia (selectively).

Reece Investment welcomes the opportunity to discuss potential transactions with owners, management teams, intermediaries, investment bankers and other professionals.

To present an opportunity for consideration or for further information please email us at